About Airconscents

Airconscents is a new concept in the South African market and is an extension to an innovative range of air purifier products by PerfectAire. Our new range of Scentfilm products have been brought about to further enhance the indoor environment and create a vibrant and pleasant working experience in any surrounding with an air conditioner including: showrooms, offices, fitness centres, retail stores, hotels, entertainment areas, banking institutions, medical centres and many more…

Scentmarketing is the art of a company’s ability to take its brand identity, marketing messages and target audience and match it with a fragrance that amplifies these aspects. This strategy can be highly effective in environments where other sensory triggers, such as the use of lighting, sound and luxurious surroundings combine and brands can establish a longer-lasting emotional connection with consumers. Smell is more sophisticated than any other sense, as scent receptors in the nose connect directly to the section of the brain responsible for memory and emotion. So powerful, in fact, that the nose is believed to affect 75% of our daily emotions. It is the closest connection to the olfactory gland which registers smell and the limbic system that governs emotion and memories.

So our business is all about creating the most comfortable and pleasant experience possible in any closed air conditioning environment, the product will work for up to 4 weeks before requiring replacement. Scentfilm is made of pure scent oils encapsulated in a biodegradable polymer gel matrix which imparts a continuous scent to a large indoor space. The airflow from the air conditioner activates the release of the scent oils which subsequently vaporize to impart a pleasant scent to the ambient space, without the need of external diffusion support or mechanical installations (i.e. no oil burners, reed diffusers, dispensers or nebulizers.)

Simply place the Scentfilm directly within the diffuser air vents or central air conditioning system, the polymer gel within the film matrix gradually diminishes, and eventually disappears at the end of its useful life.

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